Smart mac os x usb

So grab a fresh drive and get ready. I've used this inexpensive solution without fail.

The first thing you must do is download the installer file from the App Store. To get this software, open the App Store and search for "High Sierra.

SMART Utility

If you've already downloaded the file—it'll be listed as Open otherwise, click Download. Once the download has completed, insert your USB drive and you're ready to go.

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The USB does not have to be formatted in any particular way, as the installer will take care of this for you. The tool we will be using is called Install Disk Creator. This particular app is a self-contained piece of software, so there's no actual installation to be done. Simply download the file, open up finder, change into the directory housing the download, and double-click on the downloaded file.

Here is How to Check SMART Status of Your Mac Drives

By default the tool will select your local drive—do NOT use that drive for the installer. Install Disk Creator should automatically select the downloaded installer file. If you have more than one downloaded, you can click Choose a macOS install and then select which one you prefer. Once everything is in order, click Create Installer.


The app will warn you that everything on your USB drive is about to be permanently erased. If that's okay, click Erase Disk Figure B. You will then be prompted for your user password or, if you have a touchbar, to touch the fingerprint sensor. With authentication out of the way, the app will create the bootable USB drive. The process can take some time about 10 minutes , and will seem like it's not doing anything there is no progress bar.

Wait until a new window pops up informing you your bootable installer has been created and is ready to use.

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Once complete, eject the USB drive and put it away for safekeeping. Hopefully, you'll never need it. On the off-chance you do, you can rest assured it is there to serve. Should something go wrong with your MacBook or iMac, the last thing you need is to be left without the means to recover. If the time comes to use this tool, insert it into the USB C port and boot the machine while holding down the Option key. Crisis averted. BYOD, wearables, IoT, mobile security, remote support, and the latest phones, tablets, and apps IT pros need to know about are some of the topics we'll address.

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