Mac mini power supply not working

If you're finding that this doesn't work then you might need to either disconnect all your USB devices or, if you are using a Mac with a wireless keyboard, you might need to go old-school and use a wired keyboard any USB keyboard will work with a Mac, it just won't be as stylish. Once you're done with the reset, you can go back to your wireless keyboard.

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How to Troubleshoot a Mac Mini That Will Not Start

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I appreciate it very much! My pleasure I hope it works.. Mine was like this for a few months since the power failure. It gradually became worse. Until the last time. I always used the procedure that I told you about one needs to be very drextous because you need nearly 3 hands to do it 4 buttons separated plus power button is not easy..

Well, the tech guy has difficulties. He said that the power cord was fine, but it just doesnt start. The fan doesn't start, nothing really starts. Which is a bad sign. He said that he'd give it another try but if he can't he'll refer me to another colleague of his if he can't figure it out. I'd have to pick it up later today. I read your advices, but the problem is that maybe it's a hardware problem, something broke down due the outage or something, I have no idea. If he can't figure it out, I'd try what you said, but I have serious doubts.

I really love that machine, I recently upgraded it and it was great. Nov 3, AM. But I have to tell you, and I am very sorry to say to you, I knew your guy would not solve the problem. The issue is that your EFI firmware has been changed for some reason or the other I believe the efi that is there is corrupt or the wrong one. When I investigated mine that was there was for a i5 mother board yet my machine is a i7. My computer behaved exactly the same as your. No lights nothing.. The solution is the one I told you above. Well it worked for me but it took 4 days to get it restarted.

How to fix common Mac startup problems [MacRx]

Then I managed to reset the EFI with a new installation and a further final version that just came out this past weekend. It is possible that your computer is really dead but I seriously doubt it. I believe there is really absolutely nothing wrong with your computer other then what I told you about.

If you want to try the way I told you about then.. You need a lot of patience to try and fix it. Its will not work other wise..

Mac mini Late 2012 Power Supply Replacement

When I mean patience I really do mean patience.. I tried it over and over again some times during a period of 4 days.. When you have done that and you have managed to start it come back to me and I will give you further instructions. Leslie you've got quite high patience level! I bet you meditate! Haha Jokes aside, thank you very much, I would give it a try and I'd try to remember to be patient I have some serious patience problems haha.

I'm pretty sure he won't fix it, so I'm expecting him to give me a call within the next several hours to go pick it up, although I might not have time to try to fix it today. We'll see though. I'll post more when I have more information or when I've tried it out. Once again, thank you! I am not that patient either. But there was no choice.. Either that or bin it..

Here are the latest updates for a mac mini. The one bellow is a generic good for all computer and the one I have used.. My computer is now running like a dream touch wood.. Security Update macOS Sierra.

Mac mini Late Power Supply Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide

Yeah, that does sound like a lot of work. But the point is to save it. I have it for like 90 days now or less. Previous owner said he had it for 4 years and didnt have any issues with it.

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It's a machine and they do break, but I'd do my best to make it turn on. Honestly, I loved that tiny box. It sits under my desk, not even visible and it's probably faster than my Macbook pro which is late I think. I always keep my computers up to date. So, the mini had all of the latest updates installed, same with my MBP. Leslie, I cannot thank you enough!!!

I just got the mini back from the tech guy. He said he's clueless and it doesn't work just like I've mentioned. It took me 5 min using what you said above to turn it back on! Luckily, it didn't take that long as it did for you, I literally tried twice and the second time it powered on!

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  • So, thank you very much! Without your help, I would have been on my way to tech guy 2 right now! Bless you! Nov 4, AM. Really so good news.. I am so, so happy to hear it.. I am jumping for joy.. It will be fully stable after a few times of restarting.. Yes mine was a lot longer. It was so frustrating..

    The problem was that I didn't know what the issue was so i was working "blind". I then started thinking it could be what in windows was called "bios" and researched and came to the conclusion that it was the EFI, the equivalent to what the bios is.

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    • Once I arrived to that conclusion I had to force the machine to start long enough for me to somehow try and change the EFI.