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At the top bar, there is a USB drop down menu that let you connect or disconnect USB devices, and change some other options. All the printers that are installed on the physical machine are redirect to the virtual machine, and the default printer on the physical become the default of the virtual.

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Drive C of the virtual machine refresh or recompose from time to time depending on the pool policy, therefor it highly recommended not to save and not to install anything on this drive. However in most cases the user profile Desktop, Documents, favorites, etc. Usually user profile locate on the home drive Z: for students, and on drive D: for others.

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If user profile drive is out of disk space it will lead to applications malfunction and in some cases to lack of memory errors. In those cases it is advice to clean unneeded stuff from the profile drive. On the bar at the top right corner, when clicking on the username a small menu is open that enable to:.

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Some of the software used on the VDI are virtual application. It can be recognized by a few second popup at the right bottom corner of the screen when starting it. On the first run of each virtual application it create a sandbox for the user profile, this process is one time creation per virtual application, saved in the user profile, and take few seconds. For more information Virtual Applications.

For domain computers and account, when trying to connect using non Technion network. For more information: sevgeny cs. Search for:. Workaround : Redirect the external hard drive to the remote desktop again. The files appear on the drive. When you connect to a Windows remote desktop, start USB services, redirect a USB storage device to the remote desktop, disconnect from the remote desktop, and then try to reconnect to the remote desktop, either USB services are not available in the remote desktop or you cannot reconnect to the remote desktop.

In Horizon Administrator, the state of the machine is Agent unreachable. Workaround : If you are an end user, restart Horizon Client and try again. If you are a Horizon administrator, restart Horizon Agent in the machine. If you use the client drive redirection feature to share a USB drive with a remote desktop, and you unplug the device and then plug it back in during the desktop session, you can no longer access the device in the remote desktop.

Unplugging a USB drive during a session also removes the drive and folder entries from the Folder list on the Sharing panel in the Preferences dialog box and you must reshare the drive the next time you connect to the remote desktop. Workaround : Do not unplug a shared USB drive during a remote desktop session unless you intend to stop using the device.

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After you connect to a remote desktop with the USB Automatically connect at startup setting enabled, the desktop connection is sometimes disconnected. If you connect and then reconnect to a remote desktop with the USB Automatically connect at startup setting enabled, not all USB devices appear in the USB menu after you reconnect to the desktop. Workaround : Eject and then reinsert the USB device.

For internal Mac devices, you might need to restart the computer. On macOS Because of this issue, the following problems might occur in Horizon Client on macOS Workaround: For the smart card authentication issue, quit both Keychain Access and the Horizon Client app, relaunch Horizon Client, and perform smart card authentication again, making sure that Keychain Access is not launched.

For the smart card redirection issue, reboot the Mac client machine, launch Horizon Client, and perform smart card authentication again, making sure that Keychain Access isn't launched. There is no workaround for the smart card removal policy issue. Workaround : For a Windows 10 remote desktop, open the Microsoft smart card service manually if it is stopped.

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The service stops automatically if it is idle for more than one minute. If multiple Horizon clients connect to the same RDS desktop or remote application simultaneously and map to a location-based printer with the same name, the printer appears in the first client session, but not in later client sessions. Workaround : For the client sessions in which the printer does not appear, perform a manual refresh. For a remote desktop, press F5 or refresh the Devices and Printers window. For a remote application, close and reopen the application print dialog box.

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The location-based printer appears in the printer list. Sometimes the virtual printing feature and location-based printing feature are not able to display the correct list of printers in the Devices and Printers window of a remote, session-based desktop. The printers shown within applications are correct, however. If you use the client drive redirection feature to share a folder or drive with remote desktops and applications, but you connect to a remote desktop or application that does not support client drive redirection, an error message is not displayed to notify you that the folder or drive was not shared.

Workaround : Install View Agent 6. View Agent 6. If you connect to a Windows RDS desktop, use the client drive redirection to share a local folder with the remote desktop, edit a Microsoft Office file in the shared folder, and then navigate to a different folder on the remote desktop, the remote desktop might stop responding.

Keyboard shortcut mappings do not work if you are connected to a remote desktop or application and the Mac Input Source is Traditional Chinese or Korean. Workaround : Before you connect to the remote desktop or application, switch to the English Input Source on the Mac client system.

If you are already connected to the remote desktop or application, reconnect to the Connection Server instance and switch to the English Input Source on the Mac client system before you connect to the remote desktop or application. If you launch a remote desktop with the PCoIP display protocol or the VMware Blast display protocol in full screen or window mode on an iMac with a Retina or monitor that supports a 5K display, and the screen size is more than 4K x , auto fit does not work for the remote desktop if you change the display to full resolution.

When you connect to a remote desktop that is running Windows 10 Creators Update with the VMware Blast display protocol, autofit fails when the desktop enters full screen with two displays. When you are using a remote desktop in full-screen mode on multiple displays, if you click Customize Touch Bar on the external display and click Done, the Open selection window and Launch Item List Touch Bar items do not work.

Workaround : This problem is a third-party issue. Apple fixed this issue in macOS You might lose focus for the front window when you use the Touch Bar to switch between published applications that are hosted on Windows Server This problem typically only occurs after switching windows several times. Changes to webcam and audio devices that are connected to, or disconnected from, the Mac client system during a remote desktop session are not detected by the Real-Time Audio-Video feature. Workaround : Disconnect and reconnect to your remote desktop session to detect webcam and audio device changes.

For example, if you connect a USB headset to the Mac client system during a remote desktop session and you want to use that headset on the remote desktop, you must disconnect and reconnect to the remote desktop session to make the headset available. If an administrator edits an application pool in Horizon Administrator and changes the path to point to a different application that already has an application pool associated with it, unexpected results can occur.

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For example, the original application might be launched from the Mac Dock instead of the new application. Workaround : Make sure that each application in a farm is associated with only one application pool. Users cannot launch an application from the Mac Dock if multiple application pools point to the same application in one farm, and if the application pool the users selected was created with associated parameters in Horizon Administrator.