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Relive Half-Life in this highly acclaimed, fan-made recreation. Recent Reviews:. All Reviews:. Crowbar Collective. Popular user-defined tags for this product:. Sign in or Open in Steam.


Includes 25 Steam Achievements. Publisher: Crowbar Collective. Share Embed. Read Critic Reviews. Early Access Game Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops. Why Early Access?

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In addition, our ambitions go beyond the original Xen chapters found in Half-Life. We have a standard of quality that we have to achieve. Early Access allows us to commit resources to bring you the remaining chapters with the quality that you expect. Multiplayer deathmatch and team deathmatch with 8 completely re-imagined Half-Life 1 maps on the Source Engine.


This price will not change after we move out of Early Access. The Black Mesa game hub and forums will be the primary points of interaction with our users. Many team members regularly browse these areas to discuss ideas with the community, and to show progress on game development. Community feedback will be sorted into groups and taken into account as we develop. We also support Steam Workshop, and will be watching and encouraging developments there.

  1. Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops..
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Add to Cart. Re-experience the game that raised the bar for the entire game industry all over again! The over 10 hour single player experience has greatly improved from the mod release; new visuals, new voice over, updated gameplay encounters, stability changes and more. Xen is not part of the Early Access release, but will be included as a free update when it is ready. Expect tremendously detailed environments, old-school tough-as-nails combat, and a gripping story with memorable characters.

Open BlackMes-Setup. I don't know why but when attempting to open the file with Play on Mac it could not locate the utility files associated with the setup Also go to Finder and open your user files. From there create a new folder titled "BMS" 3 Go through the setup until you reach the point where it asks you to install the files to a specific folder.

Once that's installed have at it!

Mac OSX: Is it supported? + How to play BM on Mac - Help! - Black Mesa: Community Forums

I also installed a couple other drivers to my Steam virtual drive, but I don't know if that's inconsequential or not. Let me know if this works for you EDIT: Seems the heads up display doesn't work on my copy and it is subject to freeze during the opening train ride for some reason. Works great! I was having a hard time finding a detailed step-by-step about installing Steam and Black Mesa through Wineskin until I came upon this one:. It does helps a lot until I was installing Steam.

Slightly different instructions, but they should be easier to follow. How does playing Black Mesa under Wine compare to running it natively under Windows on the same hardware, performance-wise?

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I gave it a go under Parallels Desktop 7 with Win7 Enterprise x64 but that stuttered too much to be playable at full settings so I just BootCamped it. I knew this even when I want to play Black Mesa via Wineskin. Your added details to the existing instruction are extremely helpful and got me through all of the necessary steps. I have downloaded the SDK and is able to run Black Mesa bit smoothly so far only just rode through the first part of game, will see if the game crashes in the later chapters.

All in all, I am saving your instructions forever big thanks, Skitch! EDIT2: a couple of crashes.


I shall set them down to little above the bare minimum. Still enjoying the game, though! I know this is double posting, but I got some good tips on how to keep Black Mesa on WineSkin as stable as possible and that involves running some Wine Tricks.

Of course, my graphical settings are kinda low to begin with, but even Black Mesa was crashing on those low settings without Wine Tricks. I suffered some bad crashes during some intense effects such as huge dynamic area and every helicopter fights. I had to fight as fast as possible to beat them before I could suffer any more crashes.