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It has all the features, flexibility, art, animation, and power you need to create an environment of your dreams. Choose from a selection of bonus cities and scenarios to rule or ruin as you please. Build schools, libraries, hospitals, zoos, prisons, power plants, and much more Lay down roads, railways, and highways. Explore the underground layer and build subways and utilities without compromising your aesthetics.

Customize different buildings or design your own graphics sets from scratch. Similar Software. No similar apps have been recommended yet.

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You can add your suggestions to the right. App Name. Smile Score. Suggest other similar software suggested. The performance of the newer games was always awful. Is it worth trying a later SC? SC4 with Rush Hour was fun. There was a large modding community a few years ago so you could download all sorts of new buildings.

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You could also build very large regions. The iPad game was fun for a few days but it crashes a lot and seems to have some bugs ex: constant warnings you don't have enough water pumps.

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You'll also reach a plateau quite quickly with your city. Oh, there is also an issue in allowing hills without any way to flatten them apart from building, then demolishing, parks along the edges. The screen is way too small. Worth picking up.

It's not a Mac but there is an iPad version out now. The control scheme looks horrible to me but then I never liked SimCity anyway so to a fan it might be fun. I play it on my iPhone all the time! uses cookies.

What Mac are you running that on? For me SheepShaver crashes at launch. If it's not there, SheepShaver silently exits looks like a crash, because it never displays anything; just bounces on the dock and disappears. Discussing exactly where to get said ROM would be against forum guidelines. I've tried to get SheepShaver running, never had any success.

Find one and go to town.

I have SC4 with Rush Hour boxed! How quaint! I've never installed it on my i5 iMac - is it going to be worth bothering with? I launch the game again I get the same stupid message now I downloaded the update but I doesn't work! If you get the message that "software driver" will be used, it means the game cannot find hardware it needs a supported video card with at least 32 MB VRAM. I believe the game will not run with the "software driver" not using the direct graphic processing unit , even though the messages you get suggests it will.

Did SimCity 4 work before update 1. I have the same problem. It worked once, and then I told it to go back to the map not exit the game. It exited entirely and since then if I try to open it, it gives me the exact same message. I don't know about other systems, but this upgrade works great on the newest 17 inch power book. First I tried the manual text edit routine-difficult since its hard to get straight guotes in most text edit apps.

I did a little copying and pasteing and editing, and it was moderatly successful. Next the upgrade and came up with the usual page of garbled text. Finally the FTP solution. Every thing is pretty much automatic from there. So why wont SC4 work when the update has been installed? Answer because the people who wrote the program for Mac users need shooting!

Message to anyone at Aspyr: Well done on most useless conversion of a game from PC to mac I've ever seen. I have a mac g4 with 1.

Spline of the times

This version crashes constantly, and will not take screen shots. Tech support is no help. Great game Who can't spell on top of that. Well, I'm just a simple user, all this talk about "contextual menus" etc is beyond me, so when I get the jibberish you talk about, it's jibberish.

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Therefore until I see a "normal' Mac download I'll be using the older version. I do agree with the comments about features we aren't seeing yet. I paid the price for a fully functional game, right now I don't have that. I think Aspyr has forgotten their roots. When they first came out as company, they did everything to care for the Mac consumer.

They knew the value of users groups to help promote their products throgh game sigs. Ever since a certain PR manerger came to Aspyr all that changed. Now unless you belong to some mega magazine or organization, you are not good enough to appaise and review their products. This whole attitude semm to have permiated throgh the entire Aspyr company. In many ways they have cornered the Mac market in games being converted to the Mac. As long as they crank out the games, they think the users will continue to follow suit and buy only to find that features promised not implemented as in SIM City 4.

Look at how Aspyr will not even do cross platorm like Blizzard. In my opinion they no longer give a damn about the consumer anymore. I remember when Aspyr was run by a handful of people who did give a damn many years ago. What happen Aspyr?

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  4. Brings Sim City , Syndicate and Other Classic PC Games to OS X - MacRumors.
  5. SimCity 2000 allows the user to build and manage a metropolis..

I run a game sig here in Houston and write articles about entertainment software locally. Every other game company has support for user groups and are glad to get free PR when they release new software. I think Aspyr needs to take a closer look at who is responsible for bringing them to where they are now, the consumer and start living up to what they advertise for their games. I just think the company has grown too big for its shoes.

A bit strange that I have to put in my registration code again. Ratings are for the patch and reflect download problems. While Aspyr professes to be a Macintosh developer, they do not seem to support a normal download with Safari.

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SimCity 2000 for Mac OS

You need to use contextual menus and choose "Download link to disk" in order to download the updater. The alternate FTP site also seems to be very busy or dead. Aspyr also does not seem to be very forthright with their customers either.